Pets are really great and lovely especially if your pet is men’s best friend which is a puppy. Puppy as a pert can be a real fun and you will enjoy your life more. It is true that many complications and difficulties will occur but with proper mind set any type of difficulties can be handled. Training your puppy is a tough but a fun job which also increases love and affection between you and your puppy. Well there are many ways to train your puppy but you must choose the right one for your puppy or your puppy will become somehow aggressive and disrespectful.

Toys are the best gift for any child and puppies are also small kids. The best way to start puppy training is to owning some puppy toys and let him play with it. The best result of toys can be obtained when puppy start to chew them. Chewing is the usual habit of all puppies so if you want to make sure that your furniture is safe and secure you should buy some chewing toys for your puppy with which he can play and chew them as well. This is the best way to eliminate chewing habit of puppies.
Taking your puppy out of your home and letting him enjoy his life with kids, other dogs and people is a very effective way.

When your puppy is around four months or older then you can start your puppy kindergarten training. In this you take your puppy out of your home, walk with him, play ball with your puppy, and let him run in the garden, play with other children and meet other people and other dogs. In this way your puppy will learn many basic skills and will know how to react among people. Because many times it is seen that when dogs and puppies are taken to a crowd place they behave disrespectfully and they also show aggressive behavior.

Defining the boundaries and all limitations to a puppy is very important to have complete control over the puppy. This is probably the most common reason due to which puppy increases its aggressiveness and which makes the relationship poor. Always remember to clarify to your puppy that you are the master and he is the follower. If it is not clear then puppy becomes confuse and different and bad behavior can be experienced. So it is better to define the boundaries and all rules to the puppy in the very beginning.

Crate training is one of the most difficult but probably one of the most important training of all. The crate training does look like an inhumane way of training your dog but it is really effective if you consider some small things. In this training you have to put your puppy in a small crate having only space for the puppy to move a little bit around. This box or crate looks like a safe box to the puppy. You can put some toys, some water and something to chew for your puppy.

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